Best Teeth Whitening Products

Many more or less effective teeth whitening products can be found at reasonable prices in supermarkets, drug stores or pharmacies. These products can work on the same principle as those used by the dentist, but usually contain a lower concentration of active bleach (mostly hydrogen peroxide). To noticeable result, we must pay attention to good oral hygiene, limit foods that leave stains on your teeth like black coffee, black tea, and especially tobacco, and choose the best teeth whitening product suitable right for us. We can select from several products that each helps to whiten your teeth in its own way.


Best Whitening Toothpastes

Teeth Whitening ProductsIn fact, all known brands of toothpastes now offer toothpaste with whitening effect. They are one of the cheapest home tips for whitening teeth. The effect of most of these toothpastes is not simply in teeth whitening, but rather a mechanical cleaning, for example, because they often contain baking soda and other fine abrasives that help remove tartar. So it works on the same principle as when you whiten your teeth with baking soda at home. But your should sometimes alternate them with ordinary toothpastes.


Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than regular toothbrushes because of their repetitive rotational movements. Some brushes are equipped with water jets that help to better eliminate dirts and stains. One brush is enough for the whole family thanks to the interchangeable adapters.

Teeth Whitening Pens

The teeth whitening pen with a brush at the end contains bleaching gel with the active ingredient carbamide peroxid, which is used to whiten teeth at dentist. With this teeth whitening product, you can whiten locally, only a few teeth. The disadvantage of this teeth whitening product is that the amount of the gel contained in the pen is quite small, so this method is quite expensive in the end, even though the manufacturer promises good results.

Choosing Best Teeth Whitening Product

There are plenty of teeth whitening products on the market to choose from. There are also lots of them which are really poor quality, so you should certainly give a talk to your dentist first. He can supervise you, give some really useful advices and recommend the best teeth whitening product considering your needs and health condition.

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