Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Many people ask whether teeth whitening strips really work. First of all, we have to mention that there is no clear answer to this question. It mostly depends on the teeth stains. Whitening strips provide often quite good results cleaning surface staining, but they are not much efficient with stains that are set deeper into the tooth. You should surely consult using them with your dentist first.

If you are new with teeth whitening and not really want to spend much money before you are sure it will work good and make your smile brighter, whitening strips could be the best possible solution, because they are relatively cheap according to other teeth whitening methods.

Teeth whitening strips are reasonably priced, really easy to use and you can buy them almost everywhere (for instance on Amazon) without a prescription from a dentist. That’s the reason why they belong to the most popular home teeth whitening remedies for cleaning your stained or discolored teeth. Nowadays, it’s the most cost-effective and available way to make your teeth whiter.

How The Best Teeth Whitening Strips Work?

Best Teeth Whitening StripsThe powerful substance which is contained in whitening strips and whitens your teeth is hydrogen peroxide or sometimes carbamide peroxide. It bleaches the stains from your teeth and restores their natural color. These strips are made of thin and elastic type of plastic, mostly polyethylene, and have peroxide on its surface. According to whitening strip type the peroxide concentration differs. Then, you just easily put it on your teeth so the bleaching agent comes to touch with them and removes the surface discoloration. The top strip and bottom strip are at different shape in order to fit properly. You will leave it on your teeth for some time (from half an hour to two or more – instructions on how long to leave the strips on your teeth should be included) and let the whitening strips do their work. You have to use them mostly twice or once a day for at least week or two before the results come. Your teeth should begin to look whiter and it lasts for couple of month. That’s all the magic. Teeth whitening can’t be easier.

Side-Effects of Using Whitening Strips

In general, whitening strips are safe to use, but there are also some things you should be aware of. First of all, always follow the directions on the package and don’t use them longer and more often than is recommended! If you do so, it could damage your teeth enamel and cause tooth sensitivity or sore gums. Feeling any of these symptoms, seek your dentist’s advice immediately.

Teeth Whitening Strips – Final Thoughts

Using teeth whitening strips is really easy, and if you follow the directions, it’s also relatively without any risks. However, you shouldn’t expect dramatic results, because they are able, as we’ve already mentioned, to remove only more superficial staining not the deepest one. But give them a try, for its cheap price they are definitely worth it.

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