Electric Toothbrush Head Holder, or Not?

Toothbrush HolderAre you really searching for an electric toothbrush head holder? To be honest, there is probably no such a thing as “a toothbrush head holder”. However, there are plenty of toothbrush holders that, we guess, you are more likely to look for.

Are There Bacteria on Your Toothbrush?

The toothbrush’s head is mostly full of germs and bacteria. According to a research that was made at England’s University of Manchester, there are more than 100 million bacteria. One of them, Escherichia coli, can cause diarrhea and skin infections.

You have hundreds of millions germs in your mouth, too. But there is no need to panic. In fact, it’s not such a big deal as it is a normal state. What you should worry about is this – when you brush your teeth you are removing plague, and plague is bacteria. It stays on your toothbrush and you don’t want to put it back in your mouth, do you? We recommend reading some more information about how to keep your toothbrush clean.

Where Is the Best Place to Store Your Toothbrush?

Actually, storing your toothbrush in a proper way could be quite tricky. But the rule number one is simple. “Don’t Brush Where You Flush.” Most of the people keep their toothbrushes in the bathroom, somewhere around the sink, which is unfortunately near the toilet. That’s quite a bad idea. Every time you flush your toilet millions and billions of bacteria get into the air and can possibly end on your toothbrush’s head regardless if it’s covered or not.

Nicely Designed Toothbrush HolderThat brings as to the second important rule. Keep your brush dry and do not cover its head. When you don’t do it the moist environment is a heaven for bacteria and germs and they will heavily swarm. So, toothbrush head holder now sounds more like a stupid thing, don’t you think? You should use some normal open holder such as this one for manual toothbrushes (or this one for a larger electric toothbrush) or even this ordinary but really nicely designed one on the picture on the left side and store your toothbrush upright in it, rather than lying it down. Also rinse and wash off your brush with hot water every time you use it.

The last but not less important rule is to not ever share a toothbrush with anyone as it can easily make you sick!

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