How is Professional Teeth Whitening Done?

Are you thinking about whitening your teeth professionally, therefore at the dentist’s, but do you fear that whitening could cause harm to your tooth enamel? Let’s talk about how is professional teeth whitening done and what can you expect from it.

Professional teeth whitening gives optimal results in a relatively short time, but before choosing this method, as well as before choosing any other one, it is necessary to visit the dentist and discuss everything with him.

Which of us would not want to have teeth white like pearls. Let’s face it themselves – there is a lot of stuff that cause discoloration of enamel such as chocolate, red wine and cigarettes and it’s really hard for us to give up on them. Therefore, we try various tooth whitening toothpastes or solutions, but it is clear that they definitely do not have such a force, which is shown in television commercials. The idea of ​​a professional teeth whitening certainly comes to someone’s mind at least once.

Professional Teeth WhiteningMost dentists use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and a unique blue light that accelerates the whitening of teeth. In this method, it is necessary to see the teeth first and treat any dental caries and remove tartar. Then the protection of gums is put on and for approximately about 20 minutes a gel which contains 15 to 30 percent hydrogen peroxide is applied on the front teeth. Then plasma lamp with ultraviolet light is used to power up the tooth whitening force.

If necessary, the procedure is repeated for several days, depending on how much the teeth are yellowed. Unlike home teeth whitening this professional teeth whitening method is more expensive, but still becoming increasingly more and more popular for its effectiveness. At specialist’s, however, you can be sure that he will mix a whitening gel at a concentration best suited for your teeth and distribute it evenly on your teeth. He will simply choose the best teeth whitening to meet your expectations.

As health is concerned, if you have healthy teeth whitening gel will not harm them.

When Not to Use Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you can not give up cigarettes, teeth whitening would not have that much effect or it won’t last long. Nicotine will restore the original darker color of the teeth very soon. You should also know that bleaching does not stop there, the first three days you can not even eat the food which causes strong discoloration and if you want to keep the gloriously white smile as long as possible, you have to take care of dental hygiene really carefully.

Another case where the bleaching is not worth it – if you have dental crowns or fillings on front teeth – they can not be bleached at all. The same applies to the teeth with thin or damaged tooth enamel and teeth with bad gums.

Professional teeth whitening is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and women too young, who’s teeth are very sensitive.

If you are still interested in how the process of professional teeth whitening looks like, watch the video below.


If you think professional teeth whitening is not the best method for you, read more about home teeth whitening.

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