How to Remove Stains from Teeth?

The most common question people usually ask at dentist is “How to remove stains from teeth?” That’s nothing weird. Every single one of us desires for a nice white smile. Unfortunately, yellow and stained teeth do not come in hand with it, because they can make your smile look pretty ugly.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Stains

Actually, there are two basic types of stains. Intrinsic are those one you were born with, they are part of the tooth and most of them usually can’t be removed completely. However, today we have some methods like in office deep bleaching that we can use to at least lighten stains to a bit more acceptable color.

The second type is extrinsic stains. They are a way more common as they come with our lifestyle and food habits. Enamel, which your teeth are made of, has microscopic spaces in itself. When we smoke, eat, or drink, these spaces are being fulfilled with molecules and it causes our teeth to look yellow or brown. These stains are much easier to get rid of. Some of these methods can be also quite cheap.

Brushing Teeth Regularly is Important

First of all, brush your teeth at least twice a day. Good oral hygiene is, in order to remove stains from teeth, number one requirement. If you have especially badly stained teeth, you should brush them after every meal. Grabbing some teeth whitening toothpaste (Crest 3D White is really good one) definitely wouldn’t be a mistake. It is also very important visiting your dentist at least twice a year for cleaning your teeth. He can also polish them if you want.

Unfortunately, brushing can’t completely wipe stains from your teeth. But regular and proper brushing will definitely help it. Your toothbrush should have small head with soft bristles. If you want to invest a bit more, buy electric toothbrush (Oral-B Professional 1000 is cheap, safe and easy to use), because they are generally more effective in removing stains than manual toothbrushes. Also don’t rinse your mouth out immediately after brushing, since fluoride, which is contained in toothpaste, needs to be in contact with your teeth for a while in order to help them build up their enamel.

Tooth Bleaching is an Option

How to Remove Stains from TeethIf teeth whitening toothpaste isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can try teeth bleaching, which is not only about removing stains, but it actually makes your smile whiter. However, bleaching is not recommended to people who have problems with teeth or gums sensitivity as it could be painful.

For more information about teeth bleaching feel free to continue on article about How is Professional Teeth Whitening Done.


Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

You don’t want to spend much money and keep your teeth whitening as cheap as possible? It is ok, we have an effective method for you too. What about trying hydrogen peroxide and baking soda?

Advise at the End

Before trying any of these teeth whitening treatments above, you should probably go to see your dentist and consult it with him as he can tell you which method is the best one to suit your needs. Improper used teeth whitening can not only remove stains from teeth but also harm your enamel and cause you even more problems you don’t want.

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