How to Whiten Teeth at Home?

Home teeth whitening is a safe and gentle method of achieving radiant white smile. Let’s look at the pros and cons of home teeth whitening, compare the different techniques and choose the most suitable for you.

Home Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile is now standard of beauty, after which people crave more and more. It is no longer the privilege of celebrities, but it is accessible to anyone who wants to try it. Teeth whitening offers plenty of options with varying quality, price and efficiency. One of the most common methods is home teeth whitening, which belongs to the best-studied and reliable method.

Home Teeth Whitening is Not Always the Same

First of all, it is important to note that we distinguish between two quite different approaches to home teeth whitening. The first one is verified and driven home whitening by your dentist. The main positives of home teeth whitening is undoubtedly possibility to consult a dentist who can determine the cause of unattractive discoloration of teeth, treatment plan and assess the risk of side reactions. With this approach, we can also avoid possible color mismatch of teeth after bleaching, which is some times the side effect of whiteners we bought from a not verified source. The dentist then checks the process and result of teeth bleaching  and also advise you on how to care for teeth in order to let the effect last for as long as possible.

Cheaper Alternative of Home Teeth Whitening

The second way is using a home tooth whitening system or kit purchased in the supermarket, pharmacy or on internet. This approach will definitely save you a few hundred bucks and significantly reduce the time demand associated with visiting the dentist. However, the biggest disadvantage of the system is a commercially available high poor quality of some used materials that will not always allow you to achieve the perfect whitening result. You have to choose really carefully what you are buying.

 What is Used for Home Teeth Whitening?

Home Teeth Whitening KitTeeth are whitened using a gel with chemical agent that penetrates deep into the tooth while cleaning out dirt which settled on the tooth’s surface. To ensure high efficiency, this chemical product is inserted with an applicator into a tooth whitening tray. This tray looks like the protection of teeth for athletes, only much thinner that it doesn’t limit the user during sleep. A well-made ​​tray prevents filling your mouth with gel which is flowing out of it, and also reduces the risk of sensitive gums, which could be a big problem especially for low-quality trays that are made of poor material.

How is Home Tooth Whitening Done?

It’s best to put on the tray with whitening gel overnight, when we have thoroughly cleaned our teeth. If you suffer from increased sensitivity of teeth, bleaching is not recommended for more than two hours a day. Time of the bleaching is fully dependent on the cause of discoloration of the teeth. Proper understanding of the true nature of the problem leads to the right time for bleaching. Whitening normal tooth usually takes two to four weeks, tooth stained by smoking three to six months and tetracycline stained teeth half a year or more, depending on the type of discoloration. Most often we are satisfied with a three-week cycle during which we achieve the desired shade.

Do’s and Don’ts During Home Teeth Whitening

  • To achieve best whitening results, we should use a tray with a gel at least two hours for each bleaching cycle.
  • During bleaching we have to clean our teeth regulary and in a normal way as we are use to.
  • We whiten our teeth only once a day. Several whitening cycles in a single day would cause an increase in sensitivity of the teeth, and thus to prolong the whitening process.
  • During bleaching (with your whitening tray in the mouth) do not eat and drink, or even smoke!
  • During the bleaching process (3-4 weeks, maybe more, depending on your discoloration and technique) try to avoid consuming strong staining foods and liquids – ketchup, cola, tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, juice etc.

To learn more about some other method of teeth bleaching, have a look at possibilities of professional teeth whitening.

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