What’s the Best Toothbrush for Braces?

Toothbrush for BracesMany children, teenagers and also adults are forced to have orthodontic braces recently. Brushing your teeth with braces can take a bit longer time, if you want to do it properly. It’s also more important to brush your teeth regularly, because there remain remnants of food under the braces. Actually, the best advice for you is to clean your teeth after every meal.

The number of toothbrush options on the market is overwhelming. There are hundreds of them – hundreds of different sizes, shapes and designs, brands, and of course types of bristles. Choosing the best toothbrush could be quite difficult at all, particularly if you have braces, but it is really crucial.

Orthodontic bands, brackets and wires make cleaning your teeth quite difficult. The best thing you can do for better oral hygiene is to speak with your dentist or orthodontist. They can really make the best recommendations on brushing technique and tell you what the ideal toothbrush for your requirements is.

Majority of toothbrushes that are told to be “the best toothbrush for braces” are actually quite normal toothbrush with just small improvements. They have tiny heads as well as gentle bristles. It is also better to use a toothbrush with soft bristles; regardless it is a manual or electric one.

Probably the best manual toothbrush that removes plague around wires, braces and teeth is the Oral-B Specialty Orthodontic Toothbrush. It’s recommended by dentists and also satisfied customers with braces. Its special V-trimmed bristles help to maneuver around braces and wires greatly. And the best part is that this toothbrush for braces is actually really cheap.

Get a pack of six for only $20!

Are Electric Toothbrushes Good for Braces?

Electric Toothbrush for BracesElectric toothbrushes are also good for your braces. Actually, at some point they are gentler on the teeth and gums, because there is no need to apply significant pressure, and they teach you the most effective brushing technique in an easier way. If you have no previous experience with an electric toothbrush, we would definitely recommend buying some inexpensive model first. Oral-B Pro-Health For Me and Philips Sonicare Essence are good choices, they are both for less than $30.

There is also some useful information in this video.

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